Black & White Photography

9th July 2021

The Monochrome group has been up and running for a few months now. We have had 2 meetings and 2 Photo Shoots to date.

The group aims to achieve the following:

  • Better Monochrome images
  • Have outings to shoot monochrome
  • Critique our work as a group
  • Improve our techniques in editing monochrome

Our first meeting was just to set our goals and critique a few of our images as a starting point.

We then had our first shoot at the Caboolture Historical Village before a regular club meeting. The aim was to think Mono when shooting. We then submitted 3 images each for this shoot and critiqued them at our second meeting. The variety of images was interesting given we all shot at the same location.

At the second meeting we also decided to have our next outing at the Nundah Cemetery on 19 June, where we had around 12 attendees. We will again submit digital images to critique as well as each doing a 12”x 8”print for viewing and critique, also at our next meeting night.

The group has also decided to make a book at the end of the year as a means to showcase our journey over the year and provide a club artifact.

John Keating

Group Co-ordinator