2021 Digital Image Project Competition


The Digital Image Project (the project) is open to members only. You can choose any theme you like. You can make it an easy project or more challenging, trying new genres of photography.

Project themes could be individual images which each stand alone, but are consistent with the theme. Alternatively, the project images could create a progressive story or documentary where each image relies on the next to explain or compliment the previous, culminating in a final image to complete the story.

The nomination requirements are:

Your Full Name

Your Project Name

Your First Intent Artist statement (75 words)

Your Final Artist Statement (100-125 words)

Once you have nominated your project, you may not change your project name.

Some examples of themes


High speed

Long exposure

Social issues

A day in the life of a particular person

The project will run from April 1 to October 31 inclusive. All images must have been taken during the period commencing April 1 and ending on October 31. A member’scompleted project will consist of 7 images. There are no restrictions on when the images are taken during the period from April 1 to October 31. Participants are free to choose the 7 images they believe will best serve their theme.

The project is not subject to grading.  The theme is the participant’s choice.

  • Each participant will be given a registration number.
  • There are to be two statements, the first is the Intent Artist Statement (no more than 75 words) where the maker outlines the intent of what they are hoping to achieve.
  • The Project name and short artist statement are due by 1st June 2021. The project name cannot be changed once submitted.
  • The second is the Final statement, and is submitted with the project. The maker tells the story of how they started, to what they ended up doing with their project, and should be between 100-125 words maximum.

An image used in the project may also be used in the monthly competition.

Completed projects must be submitted by midnight on Friday November 5, 2021. The late submission of projects may be permitted at the discretion of the Project Coordinator after consideration of all relevant circumstances.

The Project Coordinator may take into consideration whether prior notice could have been given.

Relevant circumstances may include: prior knowledge of intention to travel, geographical/technological restrictions as a result of travel or any other unforeseen circumstances.

Image Naming

Images files must be named in the following way:

[Image number (numbered from 1-7)] [Project title] [Member registration number]

Eg: 06RedcliffeSunrises04 – this image would be from member number 4 and the sixth image in the project titled “Redcliffe Sunrises”.

Image SizeImage size must be

No larger than 1920 pixels x 1200 pixels for landscape format

A maximum Height of 1200 pixels for portrait format.

Pixel density to be between 240ppi and 300ppi.

Any Project submitted, that does not adhere to the rules, may be disqualified.

End of Year Award

A completed project of 7 images must be submitted in accordance with the rules for a participant to be eligible for an end of year award.

At the end of the year, images in a folder named MemberTheme [Member1Sunrises on Moreton Bay] will be sent to a judge.

Criteria for judging will be:

Relevancy to the theme, Quality of images, Creativity

Awards will be given at the judges’ discretion and number of projects submitted. The winners will be announced at presentation night and all projects shown in a slideshow on the last club night before Christmas.

Changes, Alterations or Adjustments to the rules

The Committee reserves the right to make changes, alterations or adjustments to the rules of the Caboolture Photography Club Digital Image Project as the Committee deems necessary. Notice can be given of a rule change, alteration or adjustment at any time prior to the end of the current project. Any changes, alterations or adjustments will come into effect at the completion of the current project and will be the rules for any future projects.


Caboolture Photography Club” – Caboolture Photography Club Incorporated “Committee” – Management Committee

Image/s” – Digital image/s (a triptych or the like is considered to be one image)

Member/s” – Financial and life member/s

Project Coordinator – the person appointed by the Committee as the Project Coordinator